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Surgical microscopes, loupes, piezosurgery, apex locator, radiovisiography enable us to carry out comprehensive treatments with an outstanding precision.


Dental surgeries carried out by a piezosurgery device are less traumatic for patients and less extensive comparing to the ones performed by classical methods. In addition, the process of wound healing and respite is shorter and less troublesome.

Biostimulating laser

In our practice we use biostimulating laser, as auxilliary therapy of many diseases of the oral cavity or in the process of recovery after surgical procedures. The laser uses a variety of length wave of red light and infrared signatures and precisely chooses a dose of radiation (individually for each patient). Laser beam reduces discomfort and accelerates return to health (it works as pain relief and anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling, sterilises locally). This speeds up wound healing after resection, treatments for soft tissues and after tooth extractions. In implantology it supports healing and prevents the rejection of implant. It helps in the treatment of diseases of soft gums and mucous membranes such as aphthous ulcers, herpes and periodontitis. Laser therapy is also successfully used in the treatment of the pulp of the tooth, trigeminal neuralgia, TMJ disorders, sinusitis and to desensitize the dentin surface of exposed roots.

Biostymulating operation of the laser beam is also used in aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing treatments. It improves the appearance and condition of your skin, (reduces fine lines, heals and reduces the changes on the skin, removes acne, stretch marks and prevents alopecia).

Surgical microscopes

The canal system often appears as a complicated net of varied connections spreading out sideways into little curved canals. Therefore a microscope is indispensable to locate them all so that we can look inside the root canals and assess their length and shape or identify in them possible obstacles (e.g.root canal obliteration , parts of broken instruments etc.)or damaged walls (e.g. fractures , perforations). The microscope helps to carry out a surgery precisely and to reduce any therapeutic complications afterwards.

Intraoral camera

We allow patients to follow the progress and results of our work on the screen connected with an intraoral camera.

We are very strict about health and safety regulations to prevent cross infections and make sure you are protected effectively at all times. Many serious diseases and complaints may originate in the mouth and affect our body as a result. In other words, your good health depends a lot on the condition of your teeth. Therefore, we make every effort to convince our patients that through gaining a beautiful smile, they gain overall health as well.