Esthetic medicine

Esthetic medicine treatments allow you to improve your beauty as well as feel and look better. We all want to look younger, but without any effect of artifice. Naturally. So that people taking a glimps of us, are enchanted by our natural charm. If you want to look good, let's take care of yourself comprehensively and systematically. Then, there is high chance that the effects of any treatments will be more durable.

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rejuvenating treatments using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)


A specimen obtained from your own blood which is used in Mesotherapy and as a natural filler

Vampire facelift is a natural alternative to Botox injections and a scalpel.This type of treatment is a modern anti-ageing skin rejuvenating procedure that uses the own body's potential to rebuild patient's tissues. Platelets are cells, which, through the accumulation and activation, generate process of regeneration of damaged sites eg. injuries. Cells and growth factors from your own blood, stimulate the skin to regenerate, so it regains its youthful vitality. As a result, it becomes smoother, more supple and visibly younger. These treatments are also a great option for people struggling with alopecia.


Therapy results:

  • Smoothes out wrinkles and shallow grooves
  • Improves flexibility and tension
  • Revitalises the skin density, smoothes and unifies skin tone
  • Remodels collagen fibers
  • Improves the blood circulation of the skin
  • Prevents the baldness of the scalp
  • Accelerates wound healing after intensive aesthetic medicine treatments like laser or peels
  • It leads to accomplish youthful and rested appearance
  • It's one of the few methods that rejuvenates in multiple aspects



In versatile rejuvenating chemical peels and laser therapy options, we use ultrasound and hyaluronic acid based fillers,toghether with ingredients of dermocosmetics or autogeneous new generation and vitamin cocktails.

Modern dermatology today uses body scrubs to accelerate the natural "exchange" of the skin and induce a controlled inflammatory process whose effect is to stimulate the production of new collagen fibres, processes and basic substances. As a result, wrinkles get smoothed away, the skin is tighter and brightened, enlarged pores disappear, face starts beaming and look young again...


Excellent PRX

Effects are visible already after the first application of needles biorevitalization which is also a great gymnastics for your skin. The effect is that your skin becomes nourished, moisturized and rejuvenated.

Yellow Peel

... is another very effective treatment which brings the same benefits for skin as more aggressive chemical peels. Its main advantage is that it is little troblesome for people busy professionally. It beautifully firms the skin and visibly reduces wrinkles.

A subtle revolution AQUASHINE BR

Revitalization and brightening. Deep mesotherapy for the intensive regeneration of the skin. Unique, deep mesotherapy with active peptide complex for skin with hyperpigmentation and lacking sparkle . Evens skin colour, moistens and lightens discolorations already after the first treatment. Designed for people who want something more than the traditional mesotherapy, and do not need a filler.

Price list

Autogenna fibryna (preparat wykonany z krwi pacjenta)od 800 PLN
Autogenna fibryna np. na twarz1200
Autogenna fibryna ręce +250 PLN
Wypełnianie zmarszczek, poprawa konturu twarzy, odmładzanie, rozjaśnianie skóry, rozstępy, cellulit, łysienie - kwasem hialuronowymod 900 PLN
cena ustalana jest w zależności od ilości preparatu, rodzaju i obszaru powierzchni


Biostymulacja laserowa podczas odmładzania, regeneraji, zabiegach wygładzania skóry twarzy, rewitalizaji (min. 8 zabiegów)200 PLN
Leczenie uzupełniające laseroterapię przynosi wyraŸźne efekty przy takich dolegliwościach jak na przykład opryszczka, nerwobóle, choroby stawów, łysienie, trądzik pospolity, rozstępy.30 PLN

Zabiegi medyczne z zastosowaniem pilingów chemicznych

Yellow Peel np. twarzod 380 PLN
Kwas migdałowy (odœwieżający, rozjaœniający, dla skóry trądzikowej)od 120 PLN
Znakomity PRX-T33, efekty są widoczne już po pierwszej aplikacji, np. twarzod 250 PLN

Mezoterapia mikroigłowa

Odmładzanie, spłycanie zmarszczek, poprawa struktury skóry
Koktajle witaminowe, z kwasem hialuronowym lub z peptydami

Twarzod 250 PLN
Szyjaod 350 PLN
Ręceod 250 PLN